Smart Billing for Telecom Providers

Smart Billing ISP - in development

The smart integrated Billing, Radius, CRM & Customer portal solution

Smart Billing helps you get the customers to pay you sooner and over 90% of them on time.

Never worry about late payments again, with our proven friendly customer persuasive system.
Self-care portal offers a complete experience for the EndUser, being able to view his account informations, update contacts, place requests to modify existing services, subscribe to new services, submit Support Tickets and more.

Smart Billing integrates nicely with SmartOLT and Mikrotik equipments, ZTE GPON & EPON OLTs, Cisco switches, routers, IPTV, VoIP, allowing you the control of all networking equipments and customers from a single central point.

The development of the Smart Billing ISP Solution is in progress.

Features preview

  • Automatic suspension notification

  • PPPoE, DHCP, Static IP


  • Mikrotik, ZTE, Radius, Linux

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