IP Resources

With the RIPE IPv4 address-space being depleted, the pool of unused IPv4 addresses is getting smaller everyday. Secure your future network development by acquiring your resources today.

IPv4 depletion is one of the reasons for the development and deployment of its successor protocol, IPv6, for which you can also purchase resources from us.

Resources availability

  • IPv4 Address Space

  • IPv6 Address Space

  • 16Bit ASNs

  • 32Bit ASNs

Estimates & Quotes

  • Assignment of IPv4 address-space

    800 eur /24 IPv4 subnet

  • Yearly fee for assigned IPv4 address-space

    200 eur /24 assignment

  • Monthly Rent IPv4 address-space

    90 eur/month /24 IPv4 subnet

  • AS Numbers

    90 eur / ASN assignment

    Yearly fee: 75 eur / ASN

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